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Johnny is a simple guy from the rainy city, Seattle, WA. After having his son he moved down south to Houston to make a better living for his family. Johnny started at Firestone, working weekends and missing out on family time. So he moved on to a Subaru dealership & fell in love with the car. Years at the dealership, he figured he could give so much more to the Subie community. Signs of opening a business came coming up & realized him & Darryl-- with their work ethic, knowledge, and drive, they can make it work.

Growing up Darryl always knew working on cars was one of his passions. He started his journey in high school in the automotive technology class, this sparked his passion even more. After graduated high school he got a job at the local Subaru dealer where he furthered his knowledge with Subaru and where he made many good friends. After many years with Subaru he realized a "life with a goal is a life that is whole" ...

So we decided to take a chance and open up our own business as partners/brothers.

We know we can give the most transparent & professional services to make sure your vehicle back on the road & running.

We’ve taken the time to sharpen our ASE Certified Master Mechanic skills and dedicated over 15 years to automotive repair.

We have the knowledge of ANY make & model, but specialize in Subaru!

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